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Workshops for Children and Young Adults


I hold workshops for children in various settings, such as schools, environmental education centers, the Hiriya Recycling Park, Tel Aviv Municipality's Youth Advancement Department, and more.

In these workshops, I place a great  emphasis on  the development of each participant's unique ideas, as they learn traditional techniques.
The workshops incorporate various handicraft techniques, doll sewing, and character design.

Most of the materials used are up-cycled, or recycled, I work with home textiles as old garments, socks, bedding etc.. as well as scraps of the local textile industry.

I am more than happy to custom-tailor each 
workshop or class to the specific nature of
the requested activity or setting.

Private workshops at my home-studio in Ramat Gan (short distance from Tel Aviv central train station) are available as well.

Contact me for further details by mail or phone- 0507387627.

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